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Partner with First Light Capital for Regular Returns and Capital Growth.

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First Light Capital is an independent commercial property fund management company that manages a portfolio of commercial properties within the Auckland and Hamilton areas of New Zealand.

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Types of Investments


First Light Capital operates an open ended PIE Fund called the First Light Property Fund Ltd

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First Light Capital manages a number of Limited Partnership syndicated investments

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bespoke management

First Light Capital manages properties and portfolios on behalf of private groups

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First Light Capital

Your trusted commercial property investment fund delivering regular returns and capital growth

First Light Capital was founded on the principles of our Directors, which align our interests with those of our Investors.

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First Light Capital


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May 24, 2022
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March 30, 2022

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How we Invest

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The Directors bring a wealth of domestic and international business experience to First Light Capital, which includes property, fund management and administration, venture capital, private equity, investment banking, investor relations, accountancy and taxation.

More importantly however, we are pragmatic and acknowledge and encourage the power that strategic relationships provide and we work alongside true experts in their field. Our partners include: